StrappV2 is alive now! The future indeed looks promising!

On that note of optimism, here are a few things we found interesting. You may, too.

Team StrApp

FlippAR: Perseverance pays

Our Augmented Reality product - FlippAR's march continues with more established names reaffirming their belief in its utility, and their own ability to take the technology leap.

At each of the customer installations - from marquee entities like the NGMA and VITM to retailers, FlippAR has proved that immersive information is the most important part of customer experience.

Be it a museum or a retailer. FlippAR is covering both ends of the spectrum in terms of practical utility, taking less than two minutes to augment anything.

As a business opportunity, AR applications generated $1 billion in 2013 and we are determined to grab a slice of this market. Read these numbers. The future indeed looks rich!

Appropriately, TECHSTORY, a reputed online publication conducted an extensive interview with us about FlippAR. It offers a 360 degree perspective of the product. Read the full story

Negative SEO: Does It Really Exist?

The truth is, negative SEO is possible - but it is much harder to do than you might think.

For the average webmaster, it would be almost impossible to target an established website and have a significant impact on it.

Here are a few thoughts on how you can protect yourself against a potential attack.

Mobile Apps: Cracking the 'discovery dilemma'

With 1600+ apps making their debuts in the app stores daily, the pressure is on app developers to stand out from the crowd and acquire users at scale.

The tremendous growth of the global app economy - powered by more than 2.5 million apps in the App Store and Google Play combined - is also stretching traditional app marketing and monetization models to their limits.


"When you've built a great product, people learn how to leverage it further than we ever imagined." - Sean Rad Cofounder, Tinder

Mouth Watering!
Coming soon: FlippAR-enabled coffee table book on Restaurants & Hotels.

Representative images below

Just pointing the FlippAR app to the restaurant listing will bring alive the sumptuous menu, pricing and the facility to order.

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