Making web presence work harder for Lifestyle
Web Design, Creative Websites
Web design for a chain of retail stores has more to it than meets the eye. For the discerning, value-seeking consumer the store website is more than just a shop window. It has the potential of creating an experience that mirrors the in-store experience.

Which is why website development for India’s premier chain of stores has microsites for the Baby Shop, the Home Center and the in-house labels. Almost as if you stepped into their real-world shop-in-shops.

Lifestyle needed a freshness of perspective from their web agency to deliver such a website, and this is precisely what we believe StrApp is good at.

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Open-source Content Management Systems (CMS) that powers your business
Content Management System, WordPress
The need was to create an online experience that conveys Timothy Leary's intellectual achievements. An experience that underlines his rebellion, brilliance and irreverence.

The Challenge & Insight: The creative spark for the website - not surprisingly - came from his own enduring mantra - 'Think For Yourself. Question Authority'. We drilled deeply into his writing to grasp the grain of thought and drive. Lakshmi from came up with the design conceptualization & StrApp integrated this into a Content Management System.

The Result: What emerged was a site that broke all nice and accepted conventions. The site, apparently linear, is actually an almost psychadelic online experience true to the nature of the lead character. Experience it here.
Workflow solution design that help Coffee Day Express work smoother
CakePHP, Custom Application Development
Putting up a new coffee kiosk for a chain like Coffee Day Express is a complex process, you first identify a location with potential, there is cost-benefit analysis, the decision tree, the process of setting it up and the launch. In the absence of a workflow system that brings in a process-driven appropach, things may not go as planned.

StrApp stepped in to design a workflow solution that took into account what the stakeholders in the system needed, and implemented it resulting in dramatic improvements. Perhaps you should think of us when you sip your coffee on the go from an Express kiosk?

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Mobile Applications
There has been a radical shift for companies to have a mobile presence. With the advent of mobile technology, it has become possible for companies to attain maximum reach within and beyond their target market. StrApp helps you to raise the bar and be mobile in every aspect of your business and life…. In short mobilize your revenue generation.
StrApp has been developing Augmented Reality applications for the iOS platform. Please check the videos on the left for some of the work that StrApp has worked on.

Augmented reality (AR) is a live, direct or indirect, view of a physical, real-world environment whose elements are augmented (or supplemented) by computer-generated sensory input such as sound, video, graphics or GPS data. Reference:
Happier online customers at
Ecommerce, Magento
An online store with a lot of products needs a robust system that manages both the customer experience and the supply chain. Not having this system could mean delayed deliveries, messed up order cycles, and other issues none which translate to loyal customers.

StrApp partnered with to create an e-Commerce solution, with a superior order management system - more efficient deliveries only meant happier customers. And this is something that makes us at StrApp smile pretty widely.

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Creating efficient Offshore Teams that hit the ground running
Outsourced product development
Setting up an offshore team is fraught with uncertainty, especially if you’re based thousands of miles away from the geography where your operations are to begin. An understanding of the local business environment often comes at a premium.

This is where StrApp helps your outsourced team hit the ground running. The critical element is choosing on your behalf the right people for your offshore operations. We make sure the people who will work on your projects are those you are comfortable with, a feeling that is built via a series of structured interactions.

A keen understanding of ground realities in outsourcing and technology operations in this part of the world equips us with skills we’re glad to share with you.

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Building a System that Rates and Administers Online Therapy Sessions

Accessing therapy is almost exclusively an offline domain, with the proverbial couch conversation being the medium of choice. However was based on an idea that revolutionized this notion: the website made therapy accessible over the internet. However, powering this engine needed more than just fruitful relationships between the website and therapists who would make themselves available for chat sessions with clients. There needed to be a way that a potential client could evaluate the therapists available and make an informed decision. In a scenario where most choices of therapists were based on referral or word-of-mouth, how could a reliable system be built that would let a user know how good the therapist was. Once he or she had made a choice, how could the system enable that interaction?

How StrApp delivered value: It was important to arrive at a framework that would throw up a rating that made it easy for users to make a choice. To do this the following parameters were identified:

  • Educational Background: This parameter assumed that a therapist with a PhD was superior to one without. Indeed, in a knowledge-driven profession, the higher the educational qualification, the higher the score.
  • Number of years of experience: A therapist who was a seasoned hand at addressing client issues was more likely to be effective than one who was just getting started. Thus the number of years of experience added to the therapists’ score.
  • User Reviews: The number and quality of user reviews was the most direct and powerful measure of the therapists’ performance. One who was consistently getting positive reviews from clients was likely to be more effective than one who was not.
  • Number of Interactions per month: This parameter was based on the assumption that a busier therapist was someone the more clients had faith in than someone who was not as busy. The number of interactions in a month contributed to the therapists’ score.

A combination of the factors above would result in a rating that was displayed against each of the therapists in their listings.

Once the user made a choice, he or she could contact the therapist via text chat directly. This was conceived of as a non-threatening, easy way of making the first contact with a therapist online. To access a therapist the client would need to register and make the payment beforehand.

The therapist could send in his or her advice via text or in cases where the need was felt, there was the option of the video email message. Realizing that advice sometimes comes out best if delivered face-to-face, the video email option required the therapist to record a video message where he or she would talk about the client’s issue, helping in addressing it. This video link was then emailed to the client. continues to have thousands of customers that swear by the service thanks to the intuitively designed system.

Building a Customized Content Management System (CMS) for a Dairy Products Company in Record Time

StrApp developed a wholly customized CMS for an Australian Dairy products company that needed the flexibility to create web pages based on business needs.

An Australian Dairy Products company had a powerful web presence with a growing base of users who depended on the online channel to avail of offers that were made available on an ongoing basis. The cost advantages of running a marketing campaign or promotional activity made it more viable for the company to increase focus on the website and ensure that it met the business’ needs. However, working with vendors who took care of website administration tasks such as creating new pages with upcoming promotional activities was proving to be a bottleneck.

Pre-solution scenario: Market dynamics frequently dictated the promotional activities that the company ran. This would be based on prevailing customer requirements and competitor activity. There were scenarios where a certain promotional offer needed to get off the ground in a short timeframe to best harness the opportunity in the market. However the long turnaround times that the web administration companies worked on translated into missed opportunities. By the time the web page with the offer and the redemption procedures were set up, the offer was no longer relevant in the market. The company needed a system through which they could create these pages on their own without having to invest in a full-fledged in-house web development team. More importantly the company needed this system as soon as possible.

How StrApp delivered value: The StrApp team analyzing the problem realized that a Content Management Interface was the need of the hour. However, an off-the-shelf CMS would not serve the purpose because of the nature of customization that was required. It would be easier from an architecture perspective to design and build a customized CMS, but normally this effort would take a long time. To crunch timelines on this project StrApp built on knowledge that the team had already built. What would normally have taken any other team 4 weeks to build StrApp did in less than half the time.

With the capability to build and deploy web pages that met the business needs far quicker than before the company was able to realize more online marketing goals than ever before.

Enabling Online Ticket Sales for a Formula 1 circuit

StrApp designed and developed a dynamic customizable online ticketing solution for the venue that hosts Formula 1 racing.

The Circuit plays host to motorsport’s premier event. With capabilities to host everything from the Moto GP to Moto X, it is one of the best race track venues. Each event had different ticketing requirements. The number of tickets on sale, the ticket costs, stands that made available to the spectators would change with each race, depending on the profile of the event. With an increasing customer base wishing to book tickets online the existing solution fell short of the requirements.

Pre-solution scenario: Each time a new event was announced, the website team would create a separate section of the site to handle it. This involved hard coding the event parameters such as number of tickets on sale, the price range of tickets etc. They would also allocate a fixed number of tickets to be sold on the online system. These were released to the offline system at a certain point in time, when online ticket sales were closed. This scenario had multiple issues:

  • Each time there was a new event there was a new section of the website to be created. As the plans for growth were laid out, it was clear that this was not a sustainable solution.
  • It was not possible for users to choose the seats they wanted in stands where seat selection was an option. This meant that purchasing tickets online did not give the user any real benefit.
  • It was not possible for the system administrator to check the status of all events on sale at any point in time as information storage and retrieval was disjointed.

How StrApp delivered value: StrApp designed and developed an integrated Stadium Administration Framework that enabled a customized approach to each event. It was possible to create racing events where the pre-defined parameters could be set up with a user interface rather than fresh code being written. Once tickets went on sale, the online customer could pick the seat number based on the view it offered. It was possible to preview the racetrack from the stand, as well. The system allowed the administrator to tell at a glance how each event was performing in terms of ticket sales.

Way forward: As part of ongoing design, StrApp recommended the integration of the online and offline ticket sales such that the quota system of online tickets could be done away with and make the system truly dynamic.

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